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Quarterly Update

Greetings from the Canton Golf Club! As signs of Spring are beginning to show, I wanted to take a few minutes and update the membership on what’s going on the Canton Golf Club.

Clarification on Membership Process

Do you know someone who would be a great member at GCG? Give their name and email address to the Pro-Shop and they will be sent an electronic questionnaire to complete (applications are no longer handed out in the Pro-Shop). Once they’ve completed the questionnaire, someone from the Membership Committee will reach out to them with any questions or if clarification needed from any of their responses.

The Membership Committee is comprised of three (3) board members plus one (1) regular Certificate Member. As openings in the Club become available (we are currently at capacity), the Committee will recommend prospective members from the pool of vetted prospects and the Board will vote up or down on each prospect.

At our February meeting we welcomed five (5) new members to the CGC. Please join me in welcoming the families of Gary Johnson, Scott Jones, Jason Dickerson, Dwayne “Bubba” Fowler, and Scott Stanley to the Canton Golf Club.

What’s going on with the pool?

If you’ve come in from Longview Street in the last week, you may have noticed that the pool has been drained and you may have even seen workers in the pool. The pool is being resurfaced and new tile is being installed. This will not only enhance the pool’s aesthetics but will also cure our longtime leak and hopefully result in fewer band-aids needed for our swimmer’s feet. The baby pool will also be getting the same treatment.

We’ve hired Sonya Groom to be our pool manager. Sonya will be in charge of staffing the lifeguards, scheduling, and running the concession stand. We’re turning over the chemical treatment and cleaning of the pool to an outside firm. This should result in our grounds crew spending more time on the course, and pool experts ensuring the pool is clean and safe.

Due to the large capital expense of resurfacing the pool, the Board of Directors has set the Non-Certificate Social Membership rate at $475.00 for the 2024 season. Memberships will be by invitation only moving forward. If you know someone you’d like to invite to become a member, please contact the Pro-Shop with their name and email address, and a Questionnaire will be sent to them.

Update on Tree Plan

After a great deal of consideration, the board voted at the last board meeting to remove the Leyland Cypress trees between 7 and 8 fairways.  Over the past few years we’ve removed and trimmed trees in a few places because they had outgrown their initial purpose and began to have negative affects on play or the turf. The decision to remove the Leylands was no different and based on a few factors.

Turf conditions - Grass needs sunlight, water and air circulation to grow, and trees directly impact all 3 of those factors. 

Playability - The low canopy of the Leylands limits the golfer's ability to recover. Most shots played from near those trees force a punch out off a bare surface, instead of giving golfers multiple options to recover. 

Pace of Play - Leylands have a low canopy and are very dense, which can make finding your ball challenging.

Views - We have a beautiful setting for golf. We will always strive to enhance our views in a way that also improves the playing conditions for golf.

If you are interested in learning more about tree management on golf courses, please see the articles below. 

Questions To Ask When Evaluating Trees on the Golf Course 

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2024 Tournament Schedule

New board member and 2024 Tournament Director Todd Baker has established the 2024 Tournament Schedule and features a couple of new events.

April 20-21: 4-Man Scramble*

May 18-19: 2-Man Scramble*

June 8-9: 2-Man Better Ball*

June 15: Father-Son/Father-Daughter Scramble

July 20-21: Member-Member / Member-Guest*

August 24-25: Club Championship and Family Picnic

(* denotes open to non-members)

In addition to these events, a new Wednesday Night Golf League will get started in the Spring. This will be a ten (10) week, 2-Man team competition of varying formats with winners being paid out weekly and at the culmination of the season. Todd also plans to have the individual Match Play Tournament start near the end of Summer.

The LGA event schedule will be released soon.

Electronic Billing

To save time and money, we are phasing out the mailing of quarterly statements. If you would like to continue to receive your statement via the USPS, you will need to let the Pro-Shop know. If you’re unsure if the Pro-Shop has your current email address, please give them a call as soon as possible.

We are excited about the 2024 season at the Club, and hope you are as well.

Best regards,

Ben Key